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Aero Tour

Aero Tour displays beautifully the position and information on the Cities, Mountains, Forests, Lakes and Points of Interest along your flight path. No expensive in flight WiFi needed - once route is loaded AeroTour works in flight mode.

  • See route

    See you route

    Plan and see the route you’re flying.
  • Information

    Route information

    Stay informed during whole duration of the flight.
  • Journey

    Save Journeys

    Keep flights for future reference and reuse them next time.
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  • Cities marked
  • Various POIs shown
  • Calculates time to destination
  • Search all available locations
  • Caches data
  • Stop/Start a flight
  • Calculates distance
  • Routes automatically saved
  • You can manage your previous routes
  • Share a route on Facebook & Twitter
  • Precise flight time
  • Takeoff/landing time accounted for

Supported Devices

iPhone, iPad and iPad touch

App works with iPhone4, iPhone5, iPhone6, iPhone6+ and iPod touch. IOS version 7.2.2 and higher


App works with Android-Phones and tablets version 4.4 Kitkat and higher


Works on tablets too.

You can use your tablet to run the app too! It works on both iOS and Android devices.

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What Customers Are Saying

"AeroTour is an easy to use, light, innovative and informative air travel app from Amdaris & Atomate, providing you with points of interest you will fly over on your flight."

- Ged Tonkins

"So informative and a pleasure to use!"

- Alex Young

"I have always wondered what are those mountains I see below when I fly home to see my parents. Now I can learn more about them on the flight! Brilliant idea."

- Veronica Tilley